Wills Disputes

Making a Legal Will is Important

  • A valid will is important so that you make sure your estate is given to the people that you care about after you die. 
  • A change in family circumstances such as marriage, separation or divorce has serious implications for your Will.
  • Pentana Stanton Wills Lawyers understand these issues, and are experienced in designing a will which meets your wishes and is individually designed to your particular family or circumstances.

When Should You Make a Valid Will?

  • When you turn 18 years of age.
  • If you have any property. This does not only include real estate. You may have a car, furniture, funds in bank accounts, superannuation, life insurance or be a beneficiary under someone else’s Will.
  • All of these and more can make up your estate. 
  • To decide who you want to administer your estate and make sure your wishes are carried out.
  • If you have no relatives, your estate will go to the government unless you have a Will saying otherwise.
  • To include Charities or Good causes which you would like to support through your estate after death.
  • To state your wishes as to care of your children after death.
  • To state your wishes concerning your funeral, burial or cremation and spreading of ashes.

Our Wills and Estates Legal Team can advise you on options:

  • Concerning your circumstances;
  • To prepare your Will;
  • To challenge or defend a Will;
  •  In distributing an estate;
  • For your rights under a Will if you are a beneficiary.

Our Lawyers can work with you to devise a suitable estate plan that:

  • Distributes your estate after your death;
  • Achieves your desired wishes;
  • Ensures financial security for your loved ones.