At Pentana Stanton, no legal issue is too complex or simple for us! We combine our experience to deliver the most individualised and professional legal representation in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Wide range of services and expertise:

Family Law: With a team of experts specialising in Family Law, we provide the most realistic advice on Family Law matters. Sensitivity, empathy and a keen understanding of your concerns are what set us apart as the leading Family law service providers in Melbourne.

Pentana Stanton’s family lawyers advocate zealously and persuasively on your behalf. We lead productive dialogues focused on effective resolutions, work in the best interest of children when they are involved and remain closely involved and supportive throughout the process. Our behaviours consistently reflect good lawyering practices.

Employment and Industrial law: Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can trust Pentana Stanton Lawyers to bring you timely, cost-effective solutions aimed at avoiding litigations wherever possible.

We are well-versed with employment law across all jurisdictions and work towards securing competitive severance package. Our lawyers work collaboratively with your management or HR to draft employment contracts, enterprise agreements and bargaining agreements.

Personal Injuries: We understand the seriousness of injuries at the workplace, transport accidents and the consequences of medical negligence that are very stressful. With a team of empathetic and knowledgeable lawyers, Pentana Stanton has a solid track-record of negotiating and claiming compensation for personal injury. We offer the best outcomes to enable our clients to get the best outcomes in terms of compensation and protection of rights in case of personal injuries.

Other legal services:  Our team of solicitors have extensive experience in every realm of law related to business, property, debt recovery and insolvency, immigration and criminal law.

Our debt recovery and trade insolvency experts are able to guide business clients through initiating debt recovery legal procedures and enforcements.

With highly qualified real estate and property law experts, we can offer the best legal representation in terms of acquisition of property, sale, lease, contractual agreement terms, titles and assessment of the value of properties.

With a diverse team of international legal experts at Pentana Stanton, we deliver the best advice and representation for businesses that wish to expand into China.

Our Wills and Estates Legal Team is focused on providing the most professional advice on preparing the will to challenging or defending a will.

Legal aid: At Pentana Stanton, we believe in making justice accessible for everyone. We offer competent legal aid services for a wide range of disputes and legal concerns for family disputes related to child support, maintenance, child abduction and so on.

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