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Debt Recovery

Are you owed money which is simply not being paid? When invoices and fees are not paid promptly, both your business and your personal finances are impacted.  This puts you under strain and ultimately may result in your business being unable to operate. Business Debt Business cash flow is what…

Public Liability

Public Liability Have you ever been injured in a public place? Injuries can happen, and with so many of us frequenting public places such as cinemas, parks, restaurants, supermarkets, schoolyards, playgrounds and even footpaths, most of us have either experienced an injury or know someone who has been injured in…

Employment Law

EMPLOYMENT- What You Need To Know The Employment Contract When an employee is experiencing a problem in their employment, they take a good look at their employment contract for the first time.  What allows my employer to terminate an employee?  How much notice am I entitled to?  What obligations do…

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