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Whether you are looking for a diligent solicitor to take on an ongoing dispute you are tired of dealing with yourself or, are simply in need of some legal advice to go over your rights, we are here for you.
Pentana Stanton Lawyers is a compassionate and goal-oriented legal team servicing individual and commercial clients in Wantirna and surrounding eastern suburbs. We provide exceptional and competent legal services to:

  • Families
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • International traders

If you are based in Wantirna in need of employment lawyers, personal injuries lawyers, family lawyers, divorce lawyers – our dynamic team of solicitors specialise in different areas of law so that we can accommodate any of your needs.
Our focus is on sensitivity, confidentiality and maintaining a results-driven approach, all while being honest to our principles and offering the most sincere advice to our clients. We also thrive on fostering long-term relationships with all our clients.

Family Lawyers, Employment Lawyers, Personal Injuries lawyers & More

Our team of legal professionals are focused on always providing the most exceptional and competent legal services to anyone in need. We can help you with legal matters related to:

Family Lawyers Wantirna

  • Business Law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Immigration Law
  • International Trade
  • Property Law
  • Family Law
  • Employment
  • Personal Injuries

For a more detailed summary of our available services, visit our Legal Services page or contact us today.

We Speak Your Language

Effective communication is crucial in any legal proceedings, applications and consultations. As a client, you want to be able to provide as much clarity and detail as possible when it comes to your needs so that your lawyer can best handle the situation towards your desired outcome.

Wantirna and Melbourne’s East, like Melbourne in general, is home to a cultural and linguistically diverse population of residents and our team of legal professionals at Pentana Stanton Lawyers is no exception. We come from a diverse variety of backgrounds, specialise in different fields and our team members are fluent in various community languages including:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese – Mandarin, Shanghainese
  • Greek
  • Spanish

This way, we can professionally handle international and domestic legal complications, disputes or legal advice, without a hassle.

We Are Committed To Your Case

The Pentana Stanton legal team have served and will continue to serve a diverse international and national base of clients in every aspect of law related to family law, personal injuries, employment law, business, property, international trade laws, wills and much more.

We follow the best practices standards of law in Australia with great care given to meeting each of our client’s individual requirements according to the situation.

Experienced Family & Divorce Lawyers In Wantirna

Divorce Lawyers Wantirna

We know there is often a lot of difficulty in dealing with a family dispute and it can be distressing to discuss certain issues with anyone. The emotional factors, legal implications and financial implications can become a major source of stress within circumstances that are already challenging.

At Pentana Stanton, our family lawyers and divorce lawyers take great care in leading an empathetic approach with all clients. At the same time, we provide realistic advice and a results-focused service, so that you are on the right track towards your desired outcome.

Our dedicated team can assist you with all aspects for the following:

  • Separation and Divorce Lawyers
  • Child Support Lawyers
  • Children’s Matters Involving DHS
  • Family Violence and Intervention Orders (IVO)
  • Injunctions and Urgent Applications
  • Parenting Disputes and Child Custody Law
  • Property Settlement
  • Binding Financial Agreements

We lead productive dialogues focused on effective resolutions, work in the best interest of children when they are involved and remain closely involved and supportive throughout the process. The behaviours of our family lawyers and divorce lawyers consistently reflect good lawyering practices. We are here to listen and provide you with answers and action.

For a more detailed summary of our family and divorce law-related services available near Wantirna, visit our family law page or get in touch with our team today to discuss further.

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If you are in need of family lawyers, divorce lawyers, employment lawyers, personal injuries lawyers or other legal matters, the team at Pentana Stanton are here to help.

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