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As the leading law firm in Rowville, at Pentana Stanton we have everything you need to approach your case with conviction and confidence. Dedication, passion, thoughtfulness and a keen eye for detail are how we can provide our clients with the complete package they need. We can help you with any family issues (from divorce to child custody), employment cases (from dismissal for employees to copyright laws for employers), as well as a host of other legal matters, including business, personal injury and criminal charges. We can make the difference for you today. Feel free to book an appointment with us by speaking to us directly on (03) 9002 2800, or you can fill out our online form, and we will get back to you.

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The team here at Pentana Stanton have extensive experience in every realm of the law. From settling properties to winning commercial cases, our lawyers are acknowledged and battle-ready to take on any situation. Our team consists of criminal lawyers, business lawyers, personal injury lawyers and much more. So if you are worried that we cannot handle your case – think again! We will take it, assess it and provide you with the platform to take it to the next level. With us by your side, you will ready to see your case stand up in court.

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When it comes to facing a family member in court, the experience can be quite difficult. You could be overwhelmed with a wealth of emotions, while struggling to come to terms with what is happening in front of you. What you need is a calm, thoughtful presence; a family lawyer that will be able to manage your expectations, provide you with the emotional and mental support you need, as well as ensure that your case is prepared. The family lawyer you will meet at Pentana Stanton will provide all this for you and more. As the leading family law firm in Rowville, you will get the best people for the job: passionate and dedicated to providing you with everything you need.

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