• Property Settlement Lawyers in Melbourne

Property Settlement Lawyers in Melbourne

When you are investing in or selling your property, there are many factors you need to carefully consider.  Renting, leasing, sale or registering a new property in Dandenong involves a lot of legal documentation, assessment and appraisals to assess the property value. Most negotiations and transactions will require the assistance of a property settlement lawyer. Title insurance, environmental issues, defending or fighting lawsuits related to a real estate deal are other things that often need professional legal services.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we have a team of expert property settlement lawyers based in Dandenong that are qualified and experienced in real estate and the property laws that prevail in Australia. We can offer the most competent, affordable property settlement services related to property matters whether it is renting, leasing, advice on purchase of property, stamp duty information, land enquiries and contracts.

We have handled dispute resolutions in the court with high-quality representation from our team of talented property settlement lawyers.

We can ensure your property deals proceed and conclude in a smooth manner without any hassles or risks in your investment.

Why Choose Pentana Stanton Lawyers?

Our property dispute lawyers understand all the nuances of property law and are able to guide you in the best way possible for document preparation related to rent or lease agreements, sale or purchase contracts, deeds of conveyance, financial agreements and much more. Our vast experience in document preparation makes us the best property law lawyers in Melbourne, Dandenong and surrounding suburbs.

Every property deal involves negotiations at every stage. It can be, sometimes, difficult to know the real worth of a property when you are buying. As the seller, you may want to understand how to lay down terms and conditions for the sale.  Disputes can arise when the original owner of a property is not known or when a property has already been mortgaged. Working with developers, other property lawyers, brokers or investors can be a hassle at times when you do not know all the details related to complex property laws.

This is where Pentana Stanton’s team of property dispute lawyers can help by negotiating on your behalf to secure the best, safe deal whether you are selling or purchasing a property. We advise you on the actual costs involved in the transaction including the stamp duty and other charges so you are never in the dark about how much the property deal will cost you.

With our competent real estate and property lawyers, we can examine all title issues, compliance and environment issues related to your transaction. We can detect any legal traps or discrepancies so that you avoid making any costly mistakes.

We Offer the Following Services

  • Assistance with buying or selling at public auction/private treaty
  • Information about the costs involved (including stamp duty)
  • Advice for Contract for Sale
  • Advice for the ‘cooling off period’
  • Negotiating terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of property
  • Advice related to sale or purchase of vacant land, units, strata and community title, rural land and purchases ‘off the plan’
  • Advice for meeting lender requirements
  • Arrange title searches and land enquiries
  • Help with settlement and exchange
  • Help with the legal requirements for subdivisions and property developments
  • Advice related to building contracts
  • Advice and negotiation for neighbourhood disputes including dividing fence disputes
  • Representation in dispute resolution and at Court