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Claim financial relief when you’re out of work due to injury

Most superannuation schemes include insurance, often offered as a default, which covers you in the event of a total and permanent disability that prevents you from working. The benefits are paid out as a lumpsum amount.

Your superannuation fund may also include income insurance that you can claim if you are unable to work temporarily owing to a medical condition, illness or injury. This income protection/temporary disability payment can cover periods of unemployment for up to two years and sometimes longer.

The big question is: how do you review your super fund terms and policies, and understand rules on entitlements accurately and without ambiguity? The simple answer is: by consulting with a lawyer well-versed in superannuation and insurance claims.

Pentana Stanton offers expert advice and comprehensive claims support

Pentana Stanton’s team has familiarised many workers with their options, rights and entitlements. We have also lodged claims and helped clients claim their full entitlements. Our lawyers approach each case pragmatically and sensitively, providing you full support every step of the way, including taking your calls after business hours.

Key facts on superannuation and insurance claims

  1. You can make a claim even if you have stopped working and you are not insured any more. However, you should have been receiving compulsory superannuation from your employer while you were working, and suffered an injury or illness that prevented you from working for six consecutive months. We can help you figure out these details and guide your further.
  2. The amount you receive from your claim will depend on your insurance amount under your superannuation policy. If you are eligible for a lumpsum payment owing to total and permanent disability, you can also have the payment made out early from your super fund.
  3. In the even of an individual’s death, his/her dependent can claim death benefits from the deceased’s superannuation fund.
  4. Depending on your policy, you are 60-65 years of age.

Why professional legal consultation is invaluable in making a superannuation or an insurance claim

A claim for superannuation or disability insurance is complex. The paperwork is simply too much to handle, and legal experts as well as the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal are of the opinion that the 20-page stack of documents related to an insurance claim makes it difficult and overwhelming for people seeking claims, and which has consequently attracted negative publicity around claims handling.

Though it is within the scope of superannuation trustees to address this issue, the process continues being daunting, amplifying the need to seek out legal assistance.

Pentana Stanton’s lawyers have specialist knowledge in superannuation and insurance claims. We have obtained lumpsum payments for clients and helped them alleviate their financial worries. Though money cannot solely ease pain and any suffering caused in the aftermath of an illness, it can go a long way in ensuring comfortable, stress-free living for you and your family.

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