Public Liability

Public Liability and Other Negligence Claims  

If you are injured and the accident was not your fault you may have an entitlement to claim compensation against an individual or an organization.

An injury may occur at the supermarket, cinema, footpaths, parks, restaurants, rental property, supermarkets, playgrounds schoolyard or from medical treatment.

A common cause is a slip, trip or a fall due to liquid spillages, hazards or from the surface or terrain.

It is important to get immediate medical treatment and to have the injuries and medical treatment documented by a doctor and to retain receipts for expenses.

Public liability and other negligence claims are often complex and are vigorously defended by insurers.

To get compensation for the conduct of an individual or an organization you must establish “fault” or “negligence”.

You may be entitled to claim compensation for;
  • Pain and suffering damages;
  • Past and future income loss and superannuation;
  • Past and future medical expenses

A claim for pain and suffering damages you must also establish that you suffered a “significant injury”.

Pentana Stanton Lawyers can advise whether an individual or an organization is at “fault” or “negligent” and whether the injuries are likely to qualify as a “significant injury”.

In Victoria there are strict time limits associated with bringing a claim for damages and most people have 3 years to start a claim for damages in the Courts.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers we offer to investigate the claim on a no win / no fee basis. We do not seek professional fees (claim investigation expenses excluded) for our time unless there is a successful outcome. No professional fees are payable if a claim is not pursued after we complete our evaluation.

Our claim evaluation process involves a consideration of;
  • Whether another party is at fault.
  • The medical diagnosis for the injuries.
  • The degree of permanent impairment.
  • The severity of the injuries.
  • The consequences of the injuries.

Our claim evaluation process involves investigating the above issues and decide on a recommendation regarding the prospects of the claim. If the initial investigation does not establish a viable claim, we will not be recommending further action. We generally obtain medical material and clinical records from hospitals and clinics and a detailed set of instructions around the circumstances of the accident that caused the injuries, work history, medical history, education and the impact of the injuries on work capacity and activities of daily living.

If we recommend that a claim is viable, the next stage involves obtaining written opinions from specialists (Independent Medical Examinations or IMES’) around such issues as diagnosis, prognosis, work capacity and vocational capacity.

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