Personal Injuries


In legal terms, a personal injury refers to the physical and/or psychological damages to an individual resulting from the actions of another party. Not only do personal injuries span a vast variety, the requirements to prove a personal injury claim and be awarded compensation differ across States and Territories.

If you have suffered an injury owing to the negligence of another party, you can claim compensation covering the costs of medical care for your injuries, material damages, non-monetary damages and past and future loss of earnings. Pentana Stanton’s lawyers provide consultation and advice to help you understand the merits of your case, gather all the necessary documents and file a claim.

Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation is a system that compensates workers who have suffered work-related injuries or disease. Injured workers can claim damages from an employer for negligence or breach of a statutory duty.

If you have sustained a motor vehicle accident in Australia arising partially or wholly from the actions of another party, you can pursue a personal injury claim. We can negotiate with the responsible party on your behalf or take the matter to court.

We urge anyone who believes he/she has a personal injury claim to seek legal advice at the earliest to understand the facts of the case and potential compensation amount, subject to applicable State or Territory legislation. Insurance companies often attempt to settle claims quickly but for a much smaller amount than what you may have received had you engaged an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Transport Accident Injuries

Transport accidents can occur when you’re traveling in a private vehicle or a public vehicle, and in both cases, you have a right to compensation if you have suffered physical injuries and/or psychological damage. Let our tenacious advocacy help you obtain compensation covering a range of benefits, subject to the details of your case.

There are time limits for lodging car accident claims, with some states allowing just 28 days from the date of the accident.

It is imperative that you contact a transport accident lawyer soon after the accident.  

Medical Negligence

When a doctor or healthcare organisation departs from the principles of good medical practice, resulting in harm or loss to you, we can help you claim compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering or other types of loss.

You must bring a personal injury claim within three years from the date of becoming aware of the harm or loss you have suffered; any further delay will make it legally impossible to claim compensation.

Work Injuries

Workplace accidents cost the Australian economy $60 billion annually. Common on-the-job injuries include sprains and strains; fractures; open wounds; contusions; tissue disorders; spinal injuries; hernia; deafness; burns and dislocation.

The effect of an injury can be minor yet disruptive or devastating for employees and their family. It is critical that you report any injury you may have suffered at work to your employer immediately, see a healthcare practitioner and gather medical evidence, and consult us to lodge a claim and understand your rights as well as your employer’s legal obligations.

Superannuation Insurance Claims

In certain circumstances, you can claim superannuation when an injury or illness prevents you from fulfilling your work duties. It is not necessary that your injury or illness be solely work-related.

Our lawyers go the extra mile to help you access your superannuation account balance or claim a lumpsum payout from your super fund.

Public Liability

If you have been injured in a public place or business premise owing to the fault of another party, such as slipping on a wet gym floor and suffering a thigh injury or sustaining a hip injury after falling over a raised stormwater pit in a public park, we can assist in bringing a claim against the party for failing to ensure reasonable care.

Our lawyers will help you understand if contributory negligence was involved, the available recourse and damages you can potentially seek.

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