International Trade & Investment (China)

International Trade and Investment (China)

Globalisation is the buzz word today across all industries. Strong trade between Australia and China and the Chinese government’s focus on foreign trade has led to many businesses foraying into China to build new customer or supplier base.

When you are looking to expand and grow your business in China, you may be faced with numerous legal questions related to international trade. Careful strategic planning, due diligence and project management are as necessary as is a thorough understanding of the international trade laws and regulations.

Many legal issues need to be taken care of when foraying into international markets. Some of the concerns could be protecting intellectual property, preparing legal documents in Chinese, import and export-related laws, taxation laws, regulatory compliances and much more.

Besides, you would also require expert assistance in understanding the business climate in China in order to optimise your investments and make the right informed decisions. Pentana Stanton Lawyers specialise in Chinese business environment and can assist you with expert advice on financial markets, development opportunities, civil laws in China and much more.

Why Choose Pentana Stanton Lawyers?

Pentana Stanton Lawyers is one of the very few law firms in Melbourne to specialise in Chinese law & Chinese industry knowledge; we can offer the best legal advice related to International Trade & Investment (China).

With a team comprised of professional Chinese Legal Practitioners who are extensively trained to solve strategically important matters related to trade, you can be assured we will take care of all legal matters.

We offer a wide range of services, from legal advice to dispute solution so you can focus on developing your international trade relations and reaching across to your customers in China.

Our specialised Chinese Trade & Investment team is fully equipped with every kind of knowledge in Chinese law and Chinese Industry.

You can expect the best outcomes with our promise to deliver world class services to adapt to the growing business in China.

We assist clients with advice on all aspects of doing business in China including:

  • Chinese civil law
  • Chinese civil law and litigation
  • Chinese economic climate
  • Development opportunities
  • Financial markets.

Areas of expertise in International Trade and Investment (China)

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, we offer highly qualified professionals in Chinese law and market-related regulations to help you overcome any hurdles in your business growth.

We are experts on:

  • Advice on China’s economic climate, development opportunities and financial markets
  • Advice on China’s legal and political system
  • Advice on how to do business effectively in China
  • Information on China’s membership in the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • Foreign investment in China
  • Chinese contract law
  • Chinese civil law
  • Dispute resolution in China
  • Chinese company law and litigation
  • Intellectual Property Law in China
  • Chinese Taxation Law
  • Employment and investment in Chinese enterprises.

We offer the most competent advice on commercial and legal strategies to help you achieve the best outcomes in international trade and investment in China. We are also experts in offering legal assistance for dispute resolution related to contracts or commercial agreements.