• Immigration Law

Immigration Law

As the leading immigration law experts in Australia, Pentana Stanton Lawyers are prepared to offer the best legal advice and representation for immigrants.

Our team of immigration lawyers are highly experienced in handling varied business, work or individual visa and residency permits for a wide variety of clients.

Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary residency in Australia or wish to appeal a refused visa, you need nothing but the best of legal advice and representation. We at Pentana Stanton Lawyers understand the complexity of legal issues related to immigration and work closely with you to achieve the best results.

We also understand that as a foreign national, it can be, at times, confusing or stressful to handle the entire immigration or visa processes for you.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, the focus is on achieving the best outcomes in the interests of our clients. Our friendly and holistic approach is tailored to match individual requirements of our clients while we draw upon our extensive legal experience and training to offer the best legal advice in citizenship and immigration.

Australian laws related to visa, permanent or temporary residency, work visa are complex and are dynamic. As they undergo changes from time to time, it is important to know what the prevailing laws are with respect to immigration and visa. We aim to provide the best legal services to facilitate the immigration or visa processes for you, whether you are a corporation or a firm.

Permanent and Temporary Migration

Permanent migration related laws are stringent and are controlled by the Australian government. The various permanent migration programs include:

  • Family migration program
  • Skilled migration program
  • Humanitarian program for asylum seekers and refugees
  • Special eligibility program

People who seek temporary residency in Australia could be :

  • Tourists, visitors
  • Citizens of New Zealand
  • Students
  • Business purposes

The latest changes in visa include the introduction of the TSS visa program in the month of March 2018, which is divided into long and short-term streams.

Immigration laws in Australia have a stringent compliance focus. Non-Australian citizens should possess the relevant visa to stay and work in Australia. Strict rules apply to employers in Australia as well with respect to employing non-Australian individuals.

Entrust us to Give You the Best Outcomes

Our immigration law experts have extensive experience in immigration law and related matters. We give top priority to obtaining the outcome our clients want.

Strategic thinking and innovative approaches that we employ ensure we get the best results every time!  Our trusted and professional immigration law team are able to help clarify issues which can be complex, difficult or critical.

Pentana Stanton’s immigration lawyers can provide assistance with the following matters of immigration law:

  • Helping people obtain either temporary or permanent residency
  • Assistance with extension of visas
  • Helping people bring their family members to Australia
  • Sponsoring overseas employees to work in Australia
  • Providing assistance for people to appeal refused visas
  • Helping with immigration legislation, such as assisting people in identifying reasons as to why their application should not be refused/residence cancelled.