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Struggling to get your case to court? Want something to help you take it off the ground and into the hands of the judge? Want a solicitor that can make the difference and get you the result you want? You have found that lawyer in Pentana Stanton Lawyers, the number one law firm in Narre Warren. With years of experience we have established ourselves as a leading solicitor in the family, employment, and criminal courts. To see one of our lawyers today, book an appointment speaking to us directly on (03) 9002 2800, or you can complete our online form, and we will get back to you.

Your Own Family Lawyer In Narre Warren

Sometimes when you go to a family law firm, you get assigned one lawyer that will casually ‘take’ the case for you. We don’t work like that. We don’t believe in just assigning a family lawyer for the sake of it – we want to provide you with the family lawyer that is going to win your case for you. Through an extensive analysis of your situation, we will make a firm decision on the best way to approach your case, build a solid ground for it and then take it right to the court. Throughout this whole time, we will be by your side, providing you with emotional and mental support for this struggling time. For more information on hiring one of our family lawyers, speak to us today.

Battling For Businesses & Employees Throughout Narre Warren

We have lawyers for every case that relates to a business, an employee or a commercial complaint. We have a dedicated business lawyers that will help you when your business is up against the wall. We have passionate employment lawyers to advise you when your workplace has turned on you. We have work injury and personal injury lawyers to help you get back on your feet. It doesn’t matter what side of the line you are on – we are on your side.

A Lawyer Dedicated To All Your Cases

When you come down to us, we won’t just handball your case around: we will find the right lawyer for your case. In our team, we have business lawyers, property settlement lawyers, commercial lawyers, compensation lawyers – the list goes on and on. Regardless of what your case is, we will take the time to assess it and provide you with a best legal expert to stand behind you and lead your charge into court. Reach out and speak to one of our lawyers today and get an insight into how we can turn your case back on your side.

We provide legal services Melbourne wide, whether you’re looking for lawyers in Rowville or any other suburb, we can help you! Call us on (03) 9002 2800 today.