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Living in Hampton Park and looking for a family lawyer to help you? Needing a business lawyer to help you with a work injury that’s taken place in your establishment? Or are you the employee that needs a compensation lawyer to help? It doesn’t matter what your case is Pentana Stanton can help you. We have firmly established ourselves as the leading law firm in Hampton Park, and for a good reason. As your lawyer, you will get an expert in the field, one that is strong-willed, determined and supportive in every way imaginable. There is no need to manage your court case alone when you have us by your side. If you don’t know where to start, reach out and speak to us today. You can book an appointment by contacting us directly on (03) 9002 2800 or completing our online form.

The Family Lawyer In Hampton Park You Can Trust

Fighting in court is hard enough. Fighting against a family member in court is even harder. You are going to need support in every way imaginable to ensure you receive the best possible outcome from your case. We are compassionate, thoughtful and persuasive lawyers who are dedicated to helping you and your case. So whether you need a divorce lawyer, a property settlement lawyer or just an all round family lawyer to help you with your case, our family law firm has it for you.

Battling For All Employees Or Employers Of Hampton Park

Are you an employee fighting a personal injury case? You can use one of our employment lawyers to help you with your case. Or are you running a business that is getting threatened by a bigger rival? Do you need support to win your rights back? With your employment lawyer or business lawyer, we will help you through your case, so that you get what you deserve from your case!

Experts In Work Injury Cases, Criminal Charges, Settlements & More

Are you facing a criminal charge that is not true, or are you battling for a property that should be yours? Are you dealing with a case and need an experienced solicitor in the field to help you? Thankfully, here at Pentana Stanton, we have the field of lawyers to help you with all your requirements. Our firm is dedicated to helping all those in need, regardless of their case. If we cannot support you with your case, we can provide you with reliable advice to ensure that you are lead in the right direction.

We provide legal services Melbourne wide, whether you’re looking for lawyers in Keysborough or any other suburb, we can help you! Call us on (03) 9002 2800 today.