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Struggling to get your court case off the ground? Need a criminal lawyer to help you with your case? Want a family lawyer that can help you, and protect your family at the same time? Pentana Stanton Lawyers are Hallam’s number one team of solicitors. From a dedicated family lawyer to a property settlement lawyer, we have the options for you. Our dedication to the law means that you will have a passionate lawyer that is experienced and understands how to get the best result for you. If you do need assistance, feel free to contact us on (03) 9002 2800 or complete our online form to book an appointment.

Experts In All Fields Of The Law

Whether you are looking for criminal lawyers or personal injury lawyers, you will find them at our firm. We constantly strive to help everyone in need, when it comes to fighting injustice and being entitled to live the best life possible. At Pentana Stanton, we have lawyers experienced in any case you could be facing. From your own personal employment lawyer to a property settlement lawyer, you will be provided with a solicitor that will spend their time dedicated to getting you the best result possible in court. There is no need to face this on your own when you have us to lead you. Speak to our firm today to find the perfect lawyer for your matters.

A Dedicated Family Lawyer In Hallam For You

Battling a family member in court can be very difficult emotionally and mentally. You’re going to need support throughout this whole experience; someone that can provide you with a sane, logical and emotional support during those off times and keep the communication lines flowing. That someone can be one of our family lawyers. Focused, driven and caring, our solicitors will fight for what is fair for you, ensuring that you can get the best outcome and live in the best possible manner. Whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer or a property settlement lawyer, our law firm in Hallam has them for you.

The Leaders In Employment Law

The line between employees and employers is a thin white line. Things can be crossed, issues can arise, and situations can lead to court. We care where you stand in the line and what you should be entitled to. Whether you are an employee looking to claim a personal injury or an injustice; or if you are an employer determined to stand up for your rights, our employment lawyer and business lawyer can help you. We will do what it takes to ensure that you get the result possible for your case.

We provide legal services Melbourne wide, whether you’re looking for lawyers in Springvale or any other suburb, we can help you! Call us on (03) 9002 2800 today.