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Dedicated Family & Divorce Lawyers In Glen Waverley

Separation and Divorce Lawyers
It’s best to be as self-aware as possible of the legal implications when separating from your partner or filing for divorce. You do not actually have to sign any legal documents for separation but some of your legal rights will change. When it comes to negotiating child support and time parents spend with children, most couples rely on a family law solicitors to arrange mutually agreeable solutions.

Divorce cases are influenced by a number of factors, including citizenship, residency, length of time separated, property and whether children are involved. Our legal experts can assist you in understanding your rights and carrying out the process efficiently.

Child Support Lawyers

Child support is administered by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). Factors determining child support include each parent’s income, the number of children, and the children’s living arrangements.
Each parent has the right to object the decisions made and have the matter reviewed internally by the department. Our child support lawyers have helped parents understand the requirements for a child support agreement, get the best possible outcome in an assessment and advised unsatisfied parents on objecting to an original review decision.

Children’s Matters Involving DHS

If you need to go to the Children’s Court for a child protection case, you will need to consult our family law specialists to learn about your choices and advocate strongly in the event that the court is being asked to remove your child from your care.

Family Violence and Intervention Orders (IVO)

You can obtain an intervention order by going to the police and making an application at the local Magistrates’ Court. For immediate protection, you need to apply for an interim intervention order. Our experienced lawyers can assist with the application process, helping ensure that the magistrate is satisfied, and the order is obtained quickly.
In some instances, you may have to prepare for a contested hearing on your family violence matter. If you have been charged with an offence related to breaching a family violence intervention order, our lawyers can familiarise you with your options and probable outcomes.

Injunctions and Urgent Applications

The standard procedure for applications in the family courts is to prepare and file an initiating application and supporting evidence material. The court then takes 5-6 weeks to list the matter and serve the application upon the other party. In time-sensitive cases, you need to file an urgent application.

In these cases, our lawyers can get involved immediately and obtain an early listing date. We can assist with obtaining an injunction in a matter where your spouse is handling property in a detrimental way.

In the event of the court ordering third-parties to take the requisite actions to protect the assets of the marriage or relationship, it is essential that you engage the services of a qualified attorney who can work agilely within the court system and get the job done. Contact our family lawyers ate Pentana Stanton for more information.

Parenting Disputes and Child Custody Lawyers in Glen Waverley

If you’re in the midst of a parental dispute or want to take action in the event that your child is at risk of abuse or violence, our experienced child custody lawyers can assist you by providing legal advice in relation to your situation, designing an appropriate shared care arrangement, parenting plans and agreements, drafting consent parenting orders, negotiating with your partner or their legal representative on your behalf and representing you in court proceedings.

Property Settlement

The emotional challenges surrounding a separation can often outweigh financial concerns. It is critical that each party considers how their financial future will be affected and give importance to how assets (property) of the marriage or de facto relationship will be divided.
Our family lawyers have helped couples achieve favourable outcomes in instances where couples have resolved the matter on their own as well as when they have had to go to court.

Binding Financial Agreements

We advise you to consider preparing a binding financial agreement if you own significant assets and/or real estate; you’re a designated beneficiary of a trust fund set up by your parents; earn a high income; or if you’re likely to receive a substantial inheritance or gift in the future.

Our lawyers have prepared binding financial agreements for couples prior to their marriage, after marriage, after separation and for those in de facto relationships.

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