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Employment Lawyers in Melbourne

Pentana Stanton Lawyers are trusted employment lawyers for all workplace related law claims, defence and compensation. We advise, assist and represent both employers and employees.

Why Us?

  • We are well-versed with employment laws across all jurisdictions.
  • Our first objective is to focus on early settlements where possible to avoid litigation and unnecessary costs.
  • We negotiate to help employees remove themselves from difficult situations with grace and a competitive severance package.
  • We advise employers on their rights and duties so the appropriate standards, best practices and incentives can be set.
  • Our workplace lawyers have extensive experience with handling claims related to work injuries.

Are You an Employee? Talk to Us Today

Our employment lawyers provide advice and representation in all employment matters. 

Our professional team are a trusted source for many employees who seek help with their employment contracts to clearly understand the terms and conditions and when they should negotiate for additional conditions.

We assist employees in a range of issues that affect employees including unfair dismissal, claims for adverse action, termination, redundancy and payouts. Pentana Stanton Lawyers also assists in the areas of discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying.  If you have experienced a workplace injury or an occupational health and safety issue, we can assist you with effective representation to receive fair compensation and appropriate remedies.

The Fair Work Act provides numerous protections for employees, but employees face strict time frames to commence action for remedies when breaches occur.  If you believe you have been wronged contact us today. We act to protect your interest and ensure that strict time frames are met. 

Pentana Stanton Lawyers seek to achieve the most cost-effective result. We have experience negotiating with employers to achieve positive outcomes without the need for court proceedings.  Where Court proceedings cannot be avoided, our experienced Employment Legal Team are well prepared and argue persuasively on your behalf. 

Whether you have been terminated, made redundant, believe you have been discriminated against, are facing allegations of misconduct or breach of employee duties and obligations, or have suffered an injury in the workplace, you need expert and practical legal help.  Pentana Stanton Lawyers employment and compensation team are not intimidated when facing a large and powerful employer. Our personalised advice, sound legal strategies and professionalism have supported employees to achieve fair outcomes and just compensation.

If you are unsure of your rights or whether you have an entitlement to a remedy, contact us today and arrange a consultation. If you have been wronged, Pentana Stanton Lawyers has the experience to determine the best course of action to achieve the maximum benefit to you. Our deep awareness of the many issues facing individuals at the workplace has consistently allowed us to obtain favourable outcomes and help employees get their life back on track and move on to bigger and better things.

Are You an Employer? Get in Touch with our Lawyers Today 

Pentana Stanton Lawyers has experience in a variety of workplace employment matters for clients in Melbourne, Victoria and interstate. Our Dandenong employment law team are experienced in drafting employment contracts and ensuring they meet all minimum standards. We assist where employers are dealing with misconduct of employees, breaches of employment contracts, breach of restraint of trade issues and development of policies and procedures for your workplace. We are experienced in dealing with difficult workplace issues and supporting employers in decisions and processes.  Our employment lawyers offer advice, drafting, negotiation, and legal representation in breach of contract, dismissal, bullying and adverse action matters, or claims for discrimination or sexual harassment. We appear in the Fair Work Commission, Magistrates Courts, Federal Circuit Court and the Federal Court as necessary. 

We have assisted employers with negotiation strategies to resolve a range of disputes, from unfair dismissal, pay and superannuation issues, employee misconduct, terminations and adverse actions. Our lawyers provide professional, practical and systematic representation with the goal to achieve the best outcome for our client. If this is by negotiation, representation or alternatives, we have the flexibility to give you not just legal solutions but practical solutions with the goal of achieving the best result with the least complications which saves our employers precious time and money.

Pentana Stanton Lawyers also provide pro-active advice and assistance with workforce restructuring, drafting policies and procedures, ascertaining your statutory obligations under Commonwealth and State legislation, and proposing practical options to manage workplace risk and potential hazards.

Companies and business owners are increasingly being affected by employment law issues. Having Pentana Stanton Lawyers on your side can help to minimise employment law issues and support you with sound and sensible advice.  Our professional team will help you to avoid pitfalls that many employers fall into, assist in putting policies and procedures in place, assess correct contractual and salary components and support you through negotiations and legal proceedings if necessary. Our pro-active advice supports employers to reduce the risks associated with managing your workforce, with the goal to minimize or avoid major disputes altogether. 

Excellent workplace employment management is the best protection to workplace disputes and the most effective way to ensure that that they don’t affect your bottom line. Call our experts today and obtain peace of mind that your workplace is set up correctly allowing you to focus your energy on what you need to focus on – your business.

Contact our experienced employment lawyers at Pentana Stanton in Dandenong today on 03 9002 2800.