Debt Recovery & Insolvency

Trading Insolvent

  • It is illegal for a company to knowingly trade insolvent. A company must not continue to generate debt it knows it cannot pay.
  • Even some of the most diligently managed, experienced companies can find themselves in a situation where they have exceeded their creditor terms and unable to make repayments.
  • Whether entering into a voluntary administration, liquidation or receivership, Pentana Stanton Lawyers can offer trusted legal advice on all your options and the best course of action, to bring about a solid outcome.

Debt Recovery

  • Our lawyers can help you take legal action to recover monies owed to you. Legal collection is cheaper that debt collection, with legal costs potentially eligible to be recouped.
  • You do not have to wait until the debt is virtually irretrievable to start taking legal action towards recovering it.
  • Our Lawyers can assist you at various stages of your debt recovery process from drafting a letter of demand to legal representation in court.