Criminal Law


Charges, Summons & Assistance

The lawyers at Pentana Stanton Lawyers are able to assist you with all forms of criminal law before, during and after court proceedings. For example, often police and detectives will conduct interviews and other investigations prior to making a charge. You are entitled to legal representation at this time, and our firm can assist you during this process.

Once the police have made a charge or issued a summons, we will ensure that you will have the benefit of every available defence.

We deal with summary and indictable offences, including:

  • Family Violence;
  • Intervention Orders (IVOs) including breaches and contraventions;
  • Drug Cultivation & Possession Offences;
  • ATO Related Summons;
  • Bail Applications;
  • Traffic & Driving Offences;
  • Committal Hearings;
  • Commonwealth Crimes;
  • Fraud;
  • White Collar Crime;
  • Minor Crime;
  • Appeals;

Whatever the type of matter, you are dealing with an experienced firm who will explain the charges against you, the defences available and the likely result at court.


We can represent you in Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs. Our firm frequently represents clients in courts located a considerable distance from the CBD; including Latrobe Valley, Bendigo and Geelong Magistrates Courts.