• Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne

Whether you are looking for assistance with a legal document or wish to close legal loopholes in your business establishment, Pentana Stanton Lawyers are the Melbourne based commercial law firm you can trust.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers, our team of experts are fully equipped to handle every kind of legal matter related to your business. We offer the most cost-effective and timely solutions aimed at mitigating legal risks, optimising business opportunities and helping you on the path to success.

Our range of legal services for Dandenong businesses includes:

  • Dispute resolution services: Expert dispute handling services for a wide range of litigations.
  • Business advisory: We offer competent advice for entrepreneurs and undertake reviews of business contracts, business structures and asset protection. We also analyse long and short-term advantages and disadvantages.
  • Corporate lawyers: With our cutting-edge advice, businesses are able to understand complex corporate regulations pertaining to their business. Our expertise is in corporate governance, shareholder agreements and documenting company administration.
  • Commercial litigation lawyers: Quality commercial litigation and legal advice on contractual, shareholder and property disputes, trade practices, insolvency, tax, professional indemnity and insurance litigation.
  • Franchise assistance: Competent franchise agreement and franchisor disclosure documents and guidance to protect your business interests.
  • Tax and finance assistance: Timely and cost-effective solutions and guidance for reviewing mortgages, guarantees, charges and other securities documentation as well as providing advice in regards to GST, Capital Gains and Land Tax.

Dispute Resolution Services in Dandenong

Businesses are often faced with numerous disputes and litigations related to Trademark, intellectual property infringements, structure-related issues, employment-related laws, debts and property-related issues.

Litigations are both time and cost consuming, not to mention the anxiety and frustration that is often associated with a long drawn out processes.

Our corporate lawyers will act on your behalf for any kind of litigation related to these disputes and protect your business interests. Whether initiating legal proceedings against an offending party or defending you in a dispute, our team of expert commercial litigation lawyers have vast experience in local and Federal Court to give you the best solutions.