About Pentana Stanton

Lawyers and Solicitors

Pentana Stanton Lawyers is focused on providing the most exceptional and competent legal services to families, individuals, businesses, international traders and everyone else!

As the leading legal services providers in Melbourne and all of its suburbs, we have been making our mark in Australia steadily over the years.

Our focus is on sensitivity, confidentiality and on results-driven approaches. While being honest to our principles and offering the most sincere advice to our clients, we also thrive on fostering long-term relationships with all our clients.

Legal Experts from Diverse Backgrounds

Our dynamic team of legal experts range from diverse backgrounds while being highly qualified and experienced in relevant specialisations. The diverse backgrounds make it possible for us to handle any kind of international or domestic legal complications, disputes or legal advice.

Commitment to our Clients

We have served and will continue to serve diverse international and national base of clients with our talented team that is competent in every aspect of law related to family law, personal injuries, employment law, business, property, international trade laws, wills and much more.

At Pentana Stanton Lawyers follow the best practices of law in Australia with utmost care given to meeting each of our client’s individual requirements according to the situation.

Meet our Dynamic Team of Legal Experts

Penny LaGrecaFriendly, approachable, professional, Penny is our Principal Solicitor with extensive experience and enjoys helping clients achieve positive results!

Jesse LaGreca – Jesse is the Managing Solicitor of the Dandenong Office and is currently working in commercial law, family law, employment law, debt recovery & criminal law.

Payne Wu – Payne is the Managing Solicitor of the CBD Office and an international lawyer qualified to practice in both China and Australia. Having worked in both jurisdictions for about 10 years, Payne has a strong understanding of the difference between Chinese and Australian legal culture.

Anni Hu – Senior Associate:

Anni is excellent in providing clients solutions with respect to family law issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Nick Lionakis – Senior Solicitor:

Nick is a senior solicitor at Pentana Stanton Lawyers with extensive experience in personal injury law in Victoria and Queensland (2006 – 2013).

Sarah Doumani – Solicitor:

Sarah has extensive experience in commercial, property and intellectual property with a variety of boutique firms prior to joining Pentana Stanton Lawyers.

Harry Zhou – Solicitor:

With a passion for family law, Harry Zhou has gained extensive experience in commercial, property, immigration and family law with a variety of boutique firms before joining Pentana Stanton Lawyers.

Durra Baraz – Solicitor:

Primarily working in family law, being a mother of two allows Durra to relate and empathise well with clients to achieve a better outcome.

Stephanie Kemp – Solicitor:

Stephanie specialises in Family Law and has a strong passion for resolving family conflicts.

Yong Wang:

As a professional Chinese affair advisor and executive officer, Yong has helped clients maximise their profits in Australia.

Eric Li: Accountant

Eric is our legal assistant and accountant with professional knowledge of accounting and trust management.